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Faux Paw Furs' Teddy Bears!



Tissavel Bear #1        $200.00

This adorable bear is made from a two tone Tissavel fur.  The fur starts out a blonde/tan color at the backing and is tipped in dark brown, and on a softness scale of one to ten, this fur is a ten.  This amazing bear has paw pads made from beige cotton suede, and brown eyes as well as a brown hand embroidered nose.  He is also fully jointed, fourteen inches tall when standing, and eleven inches tall when sitting.  This is bear is one of two, so only you and one other person on Earth will have him.  Can you resist?






Tissavel Bear #2            $200.00

This fun Tissavel bear is made from what called dark lynx.  Bear is 10" tall and 8" sitting.  He has black eyes and a black embroidered nose.  He wears a brown and white ribbon to accent his tan ultra suede paw pads.  This bear is a one of a kind.  No one but you will ever have one.










Tracey Bear        $100.00

This sweet bear is made from the Tracey fur pattern.  This fur pattern is two toned with its dark red fur fibers tipped in black.  The Tracey bear has black eyes and black felt paw pads.  She also comes with a block necklace that reads Tracey or whatever name you'd like.





Jane Bear        $100.00

The Jane bear is made from our cheetah fur fabric.  Jane bears have black eyes and black felt paw pads and come with a black ribbon edged in gold.






Leila Bear        $100.00

This precious bear is made from the tri-colored Leila fur fabric.  Colors are cornflower blue at the backing, a thin layer of black above the blue, and finally each fur fiber is tipped in gray.  Isn't her blue face sweet?  This Leila bear has black eyes and tan felt paw pads.  She also comes with an embossed ribbon.






Lisa Bear        $100.00

The precious Lisa bear is made from our faux coyote fur.  Three inch long fur fibers are mostly light brown with black on the tips.  She comes with black eyes and black felt paw pads.  She actually reminds me of the gopher in Caddy Shack...








Sydney Bear        $100.00

Made from butterscotch colored sheared plush fur, this Sydney bear wears an embossed complimentary colored ribbon to match her brown felt paw pads.  Sydney has brownish black eyes and an embroidered nose.  Miss Sydney would love to be added to your collection.






Polly Bear        $100.00

Meet Polly, our sweet little polar bear cub.  She has black eyes and black embroidered nose.  Her yummy paw pads are taupe cashmere, and she wears a complimentary embossed ribbon.  This bear is made from the Santa fur pattern.







Say hello to the cutest line of artist teddy bears ever made!  Faux Paw Furs has partnered with Texas based teddy bear artist, Donna Forgey, to develop a line of plush teddy bears made from Faux Paw Furs' fake fur fabrics.  Donna lovingly hand makes all of these adorable bears, and just like with our other products, your bear will be custom made after you order it.  Delivery time on bears is about 3 weeks, and they will ship USPS priority mail. 

Most  bears are 14" while some are 10" and come with plastic safety eyes making these teddies suitable for children.  Bears also have plastic joints, so all four paws and their heads move.  Finally, each bear nose is hand embroidered.  Your bear will have a card on its wrist with its name, birth date and the artists signature. Your bear may be named anything you want.  If you'd like to name your bear after your daughter, for example, we're happy to accommodate you.  If you'd like your daughter's birth date shown on the bear's wrist card, just let us know.

I have selected the fabrics that I think will make the cutest bears.  However if you are a rebel bear collector, you may choose any fur pattern from this website for your bear.  Rebel collectors will need to add $20 to the price of their bear.  Please see the Fabrics page for all available fur patterns.  Since these bears are custom made to your specifications, bears are not returnable.


 Interested in some swatches?  One $5 charge will get you swatches of up to five of your favorite fur patterns.  Please send your e-mail request to info@fauxpawfurs.comFaux Paw Furs will make any of our items from all of the fur patterns sold on this website.


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Real fur belongs on real animals.  We all agree on that, but animal fur is one of Godís great gifts to mankind.  Itís warm and soft.  Itís luxurious and beautiful.  So how can enlightened animal loving beings in the 21st century show their appreciation for the beauty of fur?  Go faux, of course!


Fake fur comes in a huge variety of patterns and colors.  You can find leopard, cheetah, chinchilla, mink and fox.  There are also fun furs in solid colors ranging from black and white to orange and lavender.  They come zigzag or two toned, longer pile or shorter pile.  The problem isnít variety.  Itís availability.  Good faux fur is hard to find in your average fabric store.  Upper end fabric stores in your area might carry it if youíre in a major metropolitan area. 


Luckily, we have the internet where you can find (and buy) just about anything.  Try searching online for ďfake fur fabricĒ or ďfake leopard fabricĒ.  The more specific you can be in your search words, the better.   If youíre looking to buy fake fur products, like a mink throw or handbag, use those search words.  Once you find a vendor that you like, you might have to hold yourself back. 


You could turn your lair into a jungle.  Toss a chinchilla throw over the chaise lounge or snuggle on a cheetah blanket in front of the fire.  Picture a leopard comforter covered in fox pillows or a fur upholstered ottoman or headboard.   Attach a thick backing and youíll have a fur rug. 


You can wear fake fur as well.  If youíve always dreamed of a mink coat, you can have a fake one for a few hundred dollars, which is practically nothing compared to the real thing.  You can also find fake fur handbags, capes, jackets and hats.  There are scarves and gloves, fur trimmed collars and cuffs, as well as fur items for little girls. 


If youíre talented, you can make all of these items yourself.  You can easily sew fake fur on an average sewing machine.  The worst part about sewing fake fur is cutting it.  Just keep your dust-buster close by.  Worried about keeping faux fur clean?  Most acrylic fake furs are machine washable in cold water.  Let them air dry, and youíre done.  Never put any fake fur item in a dryer.


Fake fur is just plain fabulous.  Itís easy on the eyes and soft to the touch.  It looks incredibly real and is easy to keep clean.  Since real fur is out of the question, itís great to have the next best thing.