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The Sabrina channeled mink is sort of a rebel.  Instead of having the channel lines shaved into the fur, these are dyed in.  Fur pattern has three colors.  Black channel lines are next to 1/2" stripes of medium brown fur which are next to 2" stripes of dark brown fur.  Sabrina also feels more like real mink than her counterparts.  Real mink "hairs" are a little stiff, and this fur mimics that and feels thick and rich as well.   The white areas in the picture are reflecting the flash on my digi-cam, sorry.  Throws, blankets, comforters and bedspreads are lined in faux suede or poly satin in a complimentary color.  Double sided items have fur on both sides.

Item #Sabrina Lap Throw-PS        Lap Throw w/ Satin (36 X 60)        $80.00

Item #Sabrina Lap Throw-FS        Lap Throw w/ Faux Suede (36 X 60)        $85.00

Item Sabrina-DS Lap Throw        Double Sided Lap Throw (36 X 60)        $130.00

Item #Sabrina-TPS    Throw w/ Satin (60 X 54)     $150.00 - Sale  $120.00

Item #Sabrina-TFS     Throw w/ Faux Suede (60 X 54)     $170.00 - Sale  $130.00

Item #Sabrina-DST     Double Sided Throw (60 X 54)     $250.00 - Sale  $200.00

Item #Sabrina-BPS    Blanket w/ Satin (60 X 70)     $230.00 - Sale  $185.00

Item #Sabrina-BFS     Blanket w/ Faux Suede (60 X 70)     $250.00 - Sale  $205.00

Item #Sabrina-DSB     Double Sided Blanket (60 X 70)     $350.00 - Sale  $280.00

Item #Sabrina-2.5PS     2.5 Yard Blanket w/ Satin (60 X 88)     $320.00 - Sale  $230.00

Item #Sabrina-2.5FS     2.5 Yard Blanket w/ Faux Suede (60 X 88)     $350.00 - Sale $250.00

Item #Sabrina-2.5DSB     Double Sided 2.5 Yard Blanket (60 X 88)     $430.00 - Sale $350.00

Item #Sabrina-3PS     3 Yard Blanket w/ Satin (60 X 106)     $390.00 - Sale $280.00

Item #Sabrina-3FS     3 Yard Blanket w/ Faux Suede (60 X 106)     $420.00 - Sale $320.00

Item #Sabrina-3DSB     Double Sided 3 Yard Blanket     (60 X 106)     $550.00 - Sale $420.00

Item #Sabrina-FQCPS     Full/Queen Comforter w/ Satin    (90 X 90)     $550.00 - Sale  $475.00

Item #Sabrina-FQCFS     Full/Queen Comforter w/ Faux Suede    (90 X 90)     $625.00 - Sale  $525.00

Item #Sabrina-FQCDS     Double Sided Full/Qn Comforter     (90 X 90)     $800.00 - Sale  $675.00

Item #Sabrina-FQBPS     Full/Queen Bedspread w/ Satin    (102 X 118)     $750.00 - Sale  $615.00

Item #Sabrina-FQBFS     Full/Queen Bedspread w/ Faux Suede    (102 X 118)     $825.00 - Sale  $665.00

Item #Sabrina-FQDS     Double Sided Full/Qn Bedspread     (102 X 118)     $950.00 - Sale  $800.00

Item #Sabrina-KCPS     King Comforter w/ Satin    (106 X 92)     $600.00 - Sale  $525.00

Item #Sabrina-KCFS     King Comforter w/ Faux Suede    (106 X 92)     $700.00 - Sale  $575.00

Item #Sabrina-KCDS     Double Sided King Comforter     (106 X 92)     $900.00 - Sale  $725.00

Item #Sabrina-KBPS     King Bedspread w/ Satin    (120 X 120)     $800.00 - Sale  $665.00

Item #Sabrina-KBFS     King Bedspread w/ Faux Suede    (120 X 120)     $900.00 - Sale  $715.00

Item #Sabrina-KBDS     Double Sided King Bedspread     (120 X 120)     $1.050.00 - Sale  $850.00

Queen Sham     (20 X 30)     $55.00

King Sham     (20 X 36)     $75.00

Pillows        (16 X 16)        $40.00




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We make opulent custom fake fur blankets and throws to pamper the animal in you.  Faux Paw Furs has a variety of 100% acrylic fur patterns to choose from, and our fur fabrics are also available by the yard!

I have chosen the softest and most realistic looking washable fake furs available.  Blankets and throws are lined with washable polyester satin in a complimentary color and made by a professional sewing contractor.  Pillows are 16" square with zippered closure on the bottom seam, and pillow insert is included.  Comforters are lined in upholstery grade polyester satin and sized per the good old J.C. Penney catalog.  Every item is custom made and will be delivered to your door 2 to 5 weeks after receipt of payment.  Please click on the Ordering Info link for payment terms and options.

Faux Paw Furs accepts money orders, cashier’s checks, personal checks, US Cash and Pay Pal.

Items should be washed in COLD water on a short cycle with an ordinary bleach free detergent.  LINE DRY.  DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER!!!  Even the lowest dryer setting, including fluff, will permanently damage your Faux Paw Fur.  You may iron the satin, if necessary, on a lower temperature setting.  To protect the fur from heat damage, cover the satin with a piece of fabric, like a pillowcase.  By ironing the fabric on top of the satin, the satin will be ironed as well.  Check the fur side as you go for any signs of damage.